Social media (and public relations) are part of the marketing umbrella... in some ways they're advertising (dark posts anyone?), but if that's solely how you're treating them, you're making a huge mistake.
So we ask you, are you taking the me out of social media?
For example, do you like and share photos of others, or just your own brand? What about fans of your brand? Do you actively leave comments? Do you actively try to win over people who aren't fans of your brand? Are you being social or are you simply pushing your own agenda?

No one likes that person that only talks about themselves and this pertains to brands too. Trust us on this one!

When it comes to PR, remember, Press Releases Kill Puppy Dogs! Well, no, they don't... and while the releases are focused on your brand, think about what a journalist wants to know. After all, when it comes to public relations, what we really mean is media relations... dealing with journalists, bloggers, etc. These information gatekeepers are looking to find out if the story you want them to tell is worth telling to their audience.
Sound simple? It is. See this post for more on that topic. And the image? Wish we could take credit for it. It's from an article Bill was interviewed for by our friends at 2one5 Creative.

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