Modified San Diego's Best PR Firm Trade Show_edited-1It’s that time of year… we’re gearing up for CES, the OR Snow Show and more. Are you ready? If not, here are some quick and essential tips to help you make the most of your media relations efforts at the shows.

1. Start yesterday!: These shows are important to EVERYONE exhibiting. Almost every journalist attending will receive 100’s of emails from brands pitching the mundane and the monumental. Be top of mind by being top of mind well in advance. Make sure you engage with these journalists in advance, via social media, email or even a phone call or handwritten note, regardless of if you have something to pitch at the time or not. It’ll pay off later.

2. Have a survival kit ready.: Come loaded for bear. A battery pack for your phone should be standard issue. Images / info saved somewhere easily accessible so you can send it at a moments notice. Breath mints and snack bars you can carry are a must, as well as good insoles for your shoes. If you have oily skin (ahem) maybe some of those anti-shine wipes too #justsaying

3. Show your good side!: You may not see these journalists very often. When you confirm meetings, send them a casual (yet professional enough) photo and go the extra mile in drawing on the show map exactly where your meeting will take place.

4. Concise is nice.: Get to the point in your pitch. What are you showing that’s really great? If you have 10 great things, highlight the top two and then include a quick note of what else is coming. And be realistic in what you’re pitching… make sure your pitch passes the smell test.

And lay off the jargon and buzzwords… no one wants to hear that.

5. All hands on deck!!!: We like to have approximately 1.5 people per booth / brand at a show. Why? Well, inevitably, appointments will be shifted on the fly or last minute needs will come up. You want to give each contact as much individual attention as possible.

6. Pretend you care.: Or better yet… care! Lead each meeting by asking each contact if they’ve seen anything they loved at the show or ask about any trends catching their eye. Then shift your pitch and meeting accordingly.

7. Follow-up accordingly!: Some people may want info and images within the hour. Some the week after. Make a note and act appropriately.

8. Repeat step 1!!!

There’s a lot more to media relations than the above, but trust us… even though these tips seem basic, many brands and marketing professionals overlook them as the hecticness of the show approaches.

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