We contribute a public relations and social media column fairly regularly to the Craft Beer Attorney's Beyond Brewing - Business Basics Bulletin (aka B5) newsletter. The San Diego IABC is hosting a social media event at a local brewery, which reminded us we haven't shared this column with our blog readers before.

While the craft beer industry is thriving right now, many experts are saying it will soon become fairly saturated in a way similar to the dot-com/bubble burst we've seen in the technology industry. Regardless of if this is true or not, as more breweries open up in crowded craft beer markets (such as our home base of San Diego), marketing these beers is going to be a major key to their success. However, unlike the heavy lifters and heavy marketers at CrossFit, a lot of small to mid-sized breweries just don't seem to get it.

That said, we wanted to share our social media section from the B5 newsletter that includes some easy to follow tips to consider (and if you don't want our commentary, you can download it here).


Don't worry about Jimmy Fallon making fun of your brand. Appropriate hashtags are... well, appropriate! Feel free to throw a fun one in or one that yo want others to pass around, but for the most part, you should hashtag with words and phrases your potential consumers or current consumers are searching for.

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This isn't a plug for Shirts On Tap, but it's incredibly important. However, rumor has it Saint Archer is killing it in apparel sales. Why aren't you?

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See point 1 above.

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You don't need to think that hard about this one. Would you click on a Twitter link that said "I just uploaded 34 photos to Facebook?"

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We love to say "take the 'me' out of social media" because it's how all brands should operate online. A friendly bartender is engaging. They don't simply stare at you and wait for you to make the first move.

Again, you can download the full list here. We have a pretty extensive background working with brands that target particular lifestyles (including beer brands). Want to chat? Drop us a line!

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