This isn't necessarily a recent placement, but as we were budgeting potential trade show support for a client, we thought it was worth posting.

If you're going to spend the resources on a trade show, you should make the most of them, including devoting some time to booking media appointments (or at least letting the media know you'll be there).

In late June, our friends at Datron took their Scout (an unmanned aerial reconnaissance system) to the Paris Air Show. We weren't able to attend, but that doesn't mean we couldn't coordinate media remotely, including a CNN piece that delivered some great results in both impressions, but more importantly, interest from potential buyers.

More than 2,000 companies exhibited, but with a little (ok, a lot) of effort remotely - pun intended!) and some strong pitching were able to help Datron maximize their presence at the Paris show, all the way from our home base in San Diego.

You can see the CNN piece (along with the video) here:


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