Hack Pokemon GO For PR, Awareness And Sales

If you’re not using the PokeStops found in Pokemon GO for your brand right now, you need to think about it. It may not be the right move for you, but you do need to think about it. Today. Right now.

If you’re not familiar, Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game where people walk through the real world to play Pokemon. A huge part of the game involves these things called PokeStops, which are points of interest – both in the real world and online - that players seek out to help make their gaming experience better. This is where brands need to jump on board.

Remedy PR San Diego Pokemon Go Public Relations

Brands come to us all the time asking for help with their social media programs. More often than not, they’re wondering why they aren’t getting the traction a competitor does or the overall response they want.

While the culprits are usually a lack of compelling (aka not boring) and frequent, relevant content (you have a content calendar, right?) there’s one additional thing most are missing… especially the brands that are upset they’re not leaders on social media.

They Did Not Move Quickly Enough!

A brand that leveraged Instagram five years ago, and kept at it, had a massive leg up on one that only started a few years ago. Massive.

And while it’s hard to predict if Ello, Swarm or Pokemon GO will be the next Instagram, the smart brands are looking at, and leveraging, them all in some fashion.

Pokemon GO is not what’s next year, but it is what’s right now… and next week. It’s probably also what’s next month.

So how can you leverage Pokemon GO?

Anywhere you have something you want people to see could potentially be leveraged to create a PokeStop. At least for right now.

All consumer facing brand should be thinking about this.

Restaurants and bars? Barbershops and yoga studios? Definitely. But it goes way beyond that.

The thing is, we really don't know what's going to happen with Pokemon GO in the future. But what we know right now is people around the country are seeking them out at a pace that honestly, is a little unnerving.

You can’t through social media if you’re not in a place where you can be followed. It’s that simple.

Will Pokemon GO become the next SnapChat filter? That remains to be seen. Is it what’s next, for now? We’d put some PokeCoins on it.

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