Wait, do they? Of course not! Or so we hope.

But are too many brands / PR types / consultants / etc. sending out releases when they shouldn't be... to people they shouldn't be sending them to? Definitely.

Inspired by Scott Stratten's 'QR Codes Kill Kittens' video and book (video below if you haven't seen it), our own Bill Byrne was asked to pen a short piece on the press release glut that has journalists vocalizing their disdain for PR professionals and brands wondering why its become increasingly harder to secure media coverage.


At Remedy, we love writing press releases... when they're appropriate. But sometimes, all it takes is a well written pitch to secure you that great article, TV feature, Instagram post from someone with more than 100k followers, etc. Press releases are a tool... and a tool we should use correctly.
With potential clients constantly asking us 'how much for a press release' and many companies offering press release services that will guarantee millions of impressions, we've come to the unfortunate realization that this trend of over promoting non-news items may get worse before it gets better.

Just because we can send out a press release, doesn't mean we should send out a press release.

And sometimes, the lack of a press release doesn't mean a journalist won't find your story any less newsworthy.
You can see the full article below or via this link.


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