If you're reading the mainstream business and tech news, then you already know GM is going to stop advertising on Facebook. Does this mean Facebook isn't right for your brand's marketing strategy? No more so than saying a Super Bowl ad, radio campaign or regional event series isn't right either. It's too grand a statement to make without looking at all of the details, including what's going on at the brand and how it's been leveraging new and not-so-new media.



The reason we're drawn to this news isn't because we're eagerly awaiting the Facebook IPO. It's because the Remedy team prides itself on looking at why past communications programs didn't work, before taking on new ones for potential clients. That's why we have the PR Checkup (<-- click the link, you'll be glad you did!), so we can take a deep look at why potential clients are unhappy with their previous communications programs and to ensure we're going to be a good resource for them. Sometimes, we may tell a potential client they're getting great results for what they have to offer. Others, it may turn out it's the patient (client) and not the physician's (previous firm's) fault.


GM's social media strategy was not working for them in regards to Facebook. Perhaps it was their execution, the number of agencies involved, the strategy itself, how they engaged or maybe Facebook isn't where they should be. We haven't done a deep dive into it and since GM hasn't filled out the PR Checkup, it's unlikely we're going to spend too much time dwelling on it.



In the end, while some would blame Facebook, it's important to look at the social media and PR programs they have there as well. What was the goal of their social media policy, did it tie back to non-social initiatives and in the end, was the execution appropriate? Let's face it, it's not rare for many in the public relations world (San Diego and on a global scale) to sell themselves as  a social media consultant these days. Even one of our directors, Bill Byrne, has an 'advanced certificate' in the craft. That being said, Bill and many others will tell you that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to social media and the same goes for PR in general.

Perhaps the audience GM was trying to reach wasn't on Facebook? Tie it back to something else that's massive in reach, such as the Super Bowl. We've done a lot of work in the action sports world, but we don't necessarilly believe that a Super Bowl ad is right for our clients in that space. But then again, if you're someone like Quiksilver (who Bill has worked with in a former life) then maybe a 30 second spot for your NFL licensed board shorts would be right for your brand.


If you're looking for another article on Facebook and GM, check out the WSJ's story here. And thanks to these guys for the logo we used in the header for this post.

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