It's safe to say most people in the US are familiar with the brand Solo Cup, but if not, they're the leader in the red, disposable party cups used at BBQ's, for beer pong and other activities where you want a decent-sized, disposable cup to aid in the consumption of a beverage.

Not too long ago, Facebook and email inboxes lit up everywhere because it was discovered that the indentations on Solo Cups actually denote units of measurement, presumably for pouring beer, wine, liquor, etc. Solo could have done a few different things in this situation, including deny or simply not respond.

Instead, Solo decided to issue their own fun infographic, explaining that while the measurement lines are accurate, but they have applications for other liquids as well, not just those served at keggers and July 4th beach volleyball games.


Great work Solo, you turned a story with some not-so-great connotations (namely over consumption of alcohol) into a positive piece and extended your media exposure through a little bit of creativity.



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