Bigger is often not better in PR. How do you measure the results of a PR campaign?

Number of placements? Impression numbers? If that's not how we measure the effectiveness of an ad, why do we translate advertising equivalencies to public relations campaigns?

One of our agency directors was just featured by Bulldog Reporter in an article on the dicey topic of measurement.

You can read all about it here.

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CES, KBIS, Surf Expo, the National Association of Mortgage Bankers Annual (aka NAMB), Outdoor Retailer... we've done them all at one time or another.

We've worked with brands launching everything from Internet refrigerators to medical devices to craft beer. While each client has had their own success, last week was a banner moment for the team here at Remedy PR.

In January 2018, the first ever Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show took place in Denver. It was the first time that the SIA Snow Show and Outdoor Retailer Show were combined. With 1,000 brands competing for the attention of nearly 30,000 journalists, retail buyers and industry experts across three levels of the Colorado convention center, we can tell you it was a little hectic.

We knew in advance that two of our clients had true innovations coming out at the show. We also knew that their much-larger competitors would be competing for the same attention. The team recommended unique strategies for each brand that included a mix of old school and skunkworks PR strategies and we're happy to say that both 686 and SPY won big.

Our press release on the win is below, but you can also download it here. If you're interested in the steps our clients took that allowed us to be so successful, well, those secrets are on our blog here.

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Remedy Public Relations is the leading lifestyle firm in San Diego for companies in the surf, snowboard, ski, motocross, finance, and consumer electronics industry. We know PR. We know social media. If your PR team is falling short, you may need a remedy!

Pivot Vs Planning: Are You Calling Too Many Football Audibles In Your Marketing?

The word "pivot" is thrown a lot these days in marketing and in business in general. We're sure you've heard it before... it means you changed direction, usually relatively quickly. You shifted focus.

Typically, people are pretty happy to discuss the success they've had when they pivot. What's not discussed is the wear and tear it can take on your team if you're constantly shifting versus following through on the plan you designed.

Bill Byrne, one of the agency directors here at Remedy Communications, wrote about this in his latest column in BoxPro Magazine. Want to read it? Click this link or right click and download the image below!

Pivot Vs. Planning San D

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